5 Fold Reduction In Heel Ulcers

Clinical research on how to prevent pressure damage in patients with an extreme bony prominence1, has shown that pressure ulcer incidence rates were,

  • 3.4% on a double-layer compact cell mattress
  • 19.2% on a single-layer deep cell mattress
  • 37.0% of those using the standard foam mattress

The average cost of treating a pressure ulcer is estimated to range from between £43 and £374 per day 2. With some ulcers taking over a year to heal 3 this could result in an annual cost of somewhere between £20,805 and £136,510 per patient. The Squirrel Diamond with stacked cell technology is a patented Double Layer air mattress using 58 compact air cells.

Studies comparing double layer air mattresses (with compact cells) against single layer mattresses (with deep cells) have shown a 15.8% reduction in pressure ulcer incidence3

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