Behind Squirrel’s R&D team.

Squirrel mattresses are both popular and now widely used throughout the UK. Product refinement, to improve performance and functionality is of course an ongoing feature of the company’s approach to equipment provision. Clinician feedback and customer enquiries along with the management teams’ insight into market opportunities prompt the investigation of potential therapeutic solutions to clinical issues. Potential products are researched for their technical, clinical and economic feasibility prior to development of prototypes by our own in-house team. Innovative designs are, where possible protected by a combination of patents and patent “minefields”, this protects our intellectual property by ensuring that our patent applications buttress up against the patents of others. 


We are often asked about the construction of Squirrel products, as they tend to provide trouble free service for several years. This has made products such as the Squirrel Dormir, the product of choice for the UK’s largest care home providers, where reliability and durability sit alongside comfort and clinical efficacy.

Squirrel Medical™ active mattresses and cushions are designed to be robust and reliable. Components are usually of a modular construction which makes Squirrel products easy to repair and service. Product spares are readily available and the company offers a telephone-based servicing and repair support service. If requested, Squirrel Medical™ can offer on-going service contracts for their entire product range.