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Squirrel Mattresses for Lymington New Forest Hospital

Squirrel Diamond celebrates its tenth year of changing lives.

The Squirrel Diamond mattress was invented with the assistance of some of the UK's greatest minds, with the goal of improving independence and mobility, whilst enjoying premium levels of pressure area care. Following a successful trial, in which the Squirrel mattress outperformed several other mattresses, Hampshire NHS trust commissioned 20 for the Lymington New Forest Hospital. Several months later; the team were so impressed that they provided an outstanding testimonial that reported that the mattresses were evaluated as the best from a therapy and rehabilitation perspective. They also noted that the patented Squirrel Diamonds firmness was similar to a modern foam mattress which made physiotherapy easier and, that whilst used on profiling beds, there was no pinching. Since 2010, the Squirrel Diamond has become a popular addition to those seeking to improve their comfort, health and mobility at home.

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