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    Vestims® Auto 8955 MRS

    A well-maintained and functioning epidermis greatly reduces the risk of pressure injuries, emphasizing the importance of skin health and function. The groundbreaking research undertaken by the University of St Mark and St John, published at PUB MED, demonstrates that 8 weeks use of the patented Squirrel Vestim's® active mattress lead to a significant improvement in SKIN HEALTH AND FUNCTION (1). All measures were taken 2-3 hours after the participant had got out of bed, demonstrating major long term physiological changes. This supports Squirrel Medicals wider research, that its products reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers.


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    • Endothelial Function IMPROVED 197% (p=0.021)
    • Resting Blood Flow IMPROVED 336% (p=0.003)
    • Fat FREE Mass IMPROVED 520 grams (p=0.026)
    • Thermoregulation at Feet IMPROVED 3.5ºC (p<0.001)
    • Blood Pressure IMPROVED 120/77 to 115/75 (p=0.053)
    • Participants reported a reduction in morning stiffness and joint pain.


    Research conducted by University of St Mark and St John, England.


    (1) Baker G, Bloxham S, Laden J, Gush R. Vascular endothelial function is improved after active mattress use. J Wound Care. 2019 Oct 2;28(10):676-682. doi: 10.12968/jowc.2019.28.10.676. PMID: 31600104.


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