Comparative Studies & Active Mattresses

Squirrel Medical™ undertakes frequent comparative studies; testing its products against other market leading (active) mattresses, as determined by worldwide sales and market share. This process forms a small but important part of the research and design process. It allows Squirrel Medical™ to understand the state of the arts, to spot ingenuity and identify weaknesses. It also gives Squirrel the opportunity to monitor the efficacy of its products against, what some may consider to be the best in the field. It must be remembered that competitor products tend to attract premium prices; sometimes costing three times more than a Squirrel Medical™ equivalent.

In one recent test, the Squirrel R&D team, headed by designer Rick Baker, compared their ever popular, Squirrel Dormir active mattress to one of the most well known, and highly respected active mattresses. The main difference between the Squirrel Dormir MRS and "brand C' was that the Squirrel Dormir is a low profile design of just 13cm, and so aids stability and self positioning, where as "brand C" was a traditional deep cell design in excess of >20cm in depth.

The comparative test focused on the differences in interface pressures, as brand C claimed that their product provided superior levels of pressure area care based on its outstanding results.

Rick Baker, decided to work with a specific female volunteer (P) as her anthropometric data matched the average anthropometric data as found amongst the UK nursing home population. 

Squirrel Dormir MRS


                                                            Squirrel Dormir        Brand C

PEAK Pressure (mmHg)                              46                             46

AVERAGE Pressure (mmHg)                        15.39                         16.60

Percentage under 32mmHg                        99.5%                         99.7%

Percentage under 20mmHg                        89.50%                        84.3%

Percentage under 12mmHg                        59.99%                         52.2%


The results, as indicated, demonstrated that the Squirrel Dormir was not only comparable to the market leading active mattress, but was significantly better in its ability to cope with interface pressures lower than 20mmHg and 12mmHg respectively. This may be clinically significant, as sub 20mmHg pressures can affect blood and lymphatic flow within the microcirculation. Needless to say, this study involved just one subject. The next phase of this project is to study a population of at 12 persons of similar stature.

More information pertaining to Squirrel Medicals clinical evidence is available upon request.