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    One of the challenges faced by care providers is ensuring that their active mattresses are being used as intended, and are working correctly.


    History of Use (HUS), is an onboard firmware, that automatically logs the last 400 events, and shows the care provider which features were activated, when and for how long. Care providers can use this information to reduce operational risks, improve patient care, demonstrate regulatory compliance with regulatory bodies, and reassure patients' families that the best quality of pressure area care has / is being provided. History of Use comes as standard on the Patented Squirrel Vestims® Auto 8955 MRS.


    Equipment Required


    • Squirrel Vestims® 8955 Auto or Pressure Off Pump

    • Laptop with Windows 10 or 11.

    • Excel 2013.

    • USB 2 cable from 8955 pump to suitable connector for laptop.

    • 8955 Firmware APP V3.20B.


    Instructions for Use

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    1. Download the History of Use APP

    HUS event log requires the 8955 firmware app to be downloaded onto a laptop, running windows 10/11 and Excel 2013, 2016 or 2019.

    The 8955 firmware APP V3.20B. can obtained here.

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    2. Prepare your laptop.

    Create a new folder on your desktop, and label it "History of Use."

    Download the 8955 firmware APP V3.20B and save it to the "History of Use" folder.

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    3. Create Events Folder

     Now, create a second folder called "Events." This folder will be used to store and review the History of Use Event Logs for each Vestims pump within the care home / group..

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    4. Connect Pump to Laptop


    Make sure the Squirrel Vestims Auto 8955 A pump is operational. It can be attached to a mattress, or disconected from the mattress but the patient should not be using it. Ensure that your laptop is turned on and ready. THEN connect the data cable from the USB port on the pump, to your laptop. This will prompt the firmware to recognise the pump.
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    5. Launch SQ-A3 Client.exe

    Locate the 8955 firmware file and click on it to open.

    Click on the file named "SQ-A3 Client.exe" to launch it.




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    6. Connect

    Click on the "Connect" button to establish a connection with the pump.




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    7. Read Record

    Click on the "Read Record" option to download the history of use event log from the 8955 Auto pump.




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    8. Serial Number

    Make a note of the serial number that is located on the lable on the rear of the pump.




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    9. Record Serial Number

    Create a serial number prefix for the file name that allows you to distinguish it from other pumps. This should be the serial number of the pump.

    i.e "22B72062PPO-0212Eventlog_2023_11_27.xls."


    Once you've named the file, save it to desktop

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    10. Click Disconnect

    Click disconnect on the 8535 firmware app before disconnecting the pump from the laptop.






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    11. Create Events Folder

    Create a folder for each pump (using the appropriate serial number) in History of Use > Events.






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    12.Add to Events Folder

    Drag the latest event log from the desk top to the appropriate events folder.


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    13. Open HUS Events Log

    Click on History of Use> Events and then the appropriate event log. The event log will automatically open up in microsoft excel.


    You will notice that a temporary serial number of 000000105 has been allocated within excel. Replace this with the correct serial number. i.e 22B72062PPO-0212.


    Save and Close

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    Reviewing History of Use Events Log

    Click on appropriate event log. It should open in microsoft excel. Check that you have opened the correct record for the appropriate room, patient and that the serial number is correct.

  • Review of HUS Event Log

    History of Use, automatically logs the last 400 events, and shows which features were activated, at what time and for how long. This can be compared to the patients care plan to establish by whom and why.


    Remember that some events are auto activated by the pump.


    In the example shown below, the reviewers undertook several user interventions, such as adding 75kg at 15.21 pm, and then compared this to the event recorded within history of use. As expected all function changes and history of use software were corroberated between one another..

  • Sample Event Log

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  • Instructions for Use - PDF

    History of Use 8955