Renray Healthcare Buys into Squirrel Medical™

Renray Healthcare the UK’s leading supplier of specialist furniture, chairs, beds and mattresses to the NHS and Care Home sectors, has purchased a 50% holding in Squirrel Medical™, a highly innovative development company producing Pressure Area Care mattresses for the prevention and treatment of Pressure Ulcers. 

Squirrel, led by brothers Gary and Rick Baker, has over the last 10 year been quietly developing air mattresses with improved features to better meet the changing demands of both the NHS and Care Home sectors. In particular the “Squirrel Diamond”, a patent protected product, is an ultra-low profile air mattress designed to work with modern hospital and care home beds to help not only prevent pressure ulcers but also falls from bed of vulnerable patients and residents. 

Renray Healthcare has market access, sales, ware housing and logistic resources that can be leveraged to develop growth of Squirrel products and over the coming months all sales and distribution activities will be transferred to Renray.

Going forward Squirrel will continue as a Research & Development company focussing on pressure area care mattress and seating products.

Gary Baker, Director Squirrel Medical™ – “The next stage in Squirrel’s development had to be gaining greater financial support and better access to the growing Care Home market. Renray can help Squirrel on many levels, allowing Rick and I to focus on what Squirrel has always done best – bringing new thinking and innovation to the market.”

Graham Silman, Managing Director Renray Healthcare – “Over the last two years, Renray has been looking for the right opportunity to acquire businesses that have growth potential and synergy with our core business. The growth of our electrical profiling bed range meant that the investment in Squirrel Medical™ was an obvious choice for both parties.”