Q. How do I disassemble the Dormir active mattress?

  1.       Ensure the mattress is NOT being used.
  2.       Turn the pump off.
  3.       Unplug the pump from the power socket.
  4.       Whilst still inflated clean and disinfect the mattress and pump.
  5.       Release the male tube set connector from the pump.
  6.       Pull the CPR tab that is located on the tube set.
  7.       Release the black straps that secure the mattress to the bed frame.
  8.       Roll the mattress from the head end towards the foot, gently forcing the air from the CPR valve.
  9.       Leaving the CPR valve open.
  10.    Use the straps on the base of the mattress to tie the mattress neatly into a roll.