Q. Is bed rail height an issue with active mattresses?

Medical beds are built to a standard known as IEC60601-2-52. Assuming that the requirements of this standard are met it can usually be given a certificate of conformity or CE mark. CE marks on medical products are of course a legal requirement. One aspect of the standard IEC60601-2-52 is that it advises that the top of the bed rails are a minimum of 22cm above the surface of the uncompressed active mattress.

Some deep style dynamic mattresses may mean that the bed rail height of 22cm is not achieved. This could render the CE mark and hence the care provider’s insurance invalid.

Squirrel Medical™'s active mattresses are supplied as a standard 13cm (5”) in depth  and so will fit the vast majority, if not all medical bed frames without compromising the 22cm bed rail height.

Further information with regards to the safe use of bed rails can be obtained at the MHRA and HSE’s web site at