Q. Where can I find published information on pressure ulcers?

Many great books and journals have been written about pressure ulcers and due to the complexity and scope of the subject it is often difficult to know where to start. Many clinicians use a well written book called Acute & Chronic Wounds; Current Management Concepts (2014).

The authors skilfully set the scene with a generalised over view of skin tissue, it’s composition, function and challenges before moving into the effects of pressure as well as the various intrinsic factors that can lead to a pressure ulcer. Preventative treatment is discussed as well as the various support surface options available.


Bryant, R. and Nix (2012) Acute & Chronic Wounds Current Management Concepts. Fourth Edi. Edited by S. Clark and C. Jones. St Louis: Elsevier. 

The European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel provides one of the greatest resources of publications and journals by several thousand contributors. In 2014, in partnership with the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, the team produced the landmark publication Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Clinical Practice Guideline


Haesler, E. (2014) Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Clinical Practice Guideline. Second Edi. Edited by H. Emily. Perth, Australia: Cambridge media.

Academic search engines such as EBSCO are an fantastic means of sourcing the latest research into pressure ulcers and organisations such as Wounds International, provide an informative insight into the current discouse surrounding the topic.