Q. Are there different types of active mattress?

Pressure redistributing or active mattresses often share many similar features. Most are designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers and most do so by periodically relieving tissues from mattress interface pressure. There are however a great many different types of active mattresses; some of which will be more suitable for some clients than others. Bariatric patients for example will need an active mattress that will work effectively under an increased load. Infants might require the use of a paediatric active mattress, that has been designed specifically for lighter loads.

Whilst most active mattresses appear to provide a 1 in 2 alternation system, meaning that every second cell sequentially inflates and deflates, some designs will offer a 1 in 3 or even a 1 in 4 modality. Some active mattresses are quite complex affairs; others such as the Squirrel Dormir are designed to be relatively simple and easy to use.

The Squirrel Diamond is unique in that it is a patented design. It provides two layers of air cells in order to achieve superior levels of comfort, stability and pressure area care.

Squirrel Medical™ advise members of the public to discuss mattress options with their tissue viability nurse or other medical professional.