No Bed Rail Height Extensions Required

The latest medical bed standard IEC60601-2-52 revised many issues in terms of how medical beds are designed. One important aspect was that bed rails (occasionally referred to as side rails and cot sides) should provide a minimum 22cm of height between the top of the uncompressed mattress and the top of the bed rail.

Whilst most medical beds are designed to take a foam mattress of circa 13cm depth, many dynamic mattresses are often much deeper and so may reduce this height and thus the protection offered. This can contravene the CE status relating to the medical device.

At just 13cm deep, the Squirrel Diamond and the Dormir mattresses provide a low enough profile to ensure compliance with IEC 60601-2-52, without the need for questionable bed rail height extensions.

Bed Rail Height Extensions

Bed Rail Height Extensions are costly, labour intensive and questionable.

Bed Rail Height Extensions

Please Note: Best Practice demands that an individual risk assessment should be regularly performed for anyone using a medical device, such as a medical bed frame (with or without bed rails) and active mattresses, so that individual clinical requirements are catered for.