The Impact of Sleep Restriction on Endothelial Function

And the Potential Benefits of a Vestims® Mattress

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"The Impact of Sleep Restriction on Endothelial Function and the Potential Benefits of a Vestims Mattress"

Introduction:Sleep restriction has been linked to a number of negative health outcomes, including an increased risk of death, cardiovascular events, and endothelial dysfunction. Endothelial dysfunction is a condition in which the endothelial cells that line the blood vessels are not able to function properly, which can lead to a variety of problems including atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and inflammation (1).

Calvin et al (2014) conducted a study that found that moderate sleep restriction over an 8-day period was associated with a significant impairment in flow-mediated vasodilation (FMD), a measure of endothelial function. The magnitude of impairment seen in this study was similar to that reported in individuals who smoke, have diabetes, or have coronary artery disease (1).

Insomnia symptoms have also been linked to abnormal endothelial function, which suggests that sleep restriction may be a common and preventable cardiovascular risk factor (2).

Baker et al (2019) conducted a study that found that using a special type of active mattress was able to improve endothelial function by 197% over the course of a 24-week study. The study was conducted in the participants' own homes, and there were no time constraints on when the participants could sleep. All participants reported sleeping better on the vestims active mattress, which suggests that it may be able to reverse the negative effects of sleep restriction caused by poor quality beds or physiological conditions such as insomnia (3).


Overall, this research suggests that sleep restriction can cause endothelial dysfunction and that using a special type of vestims® active mattress may be able to improve endothelial function, which may help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Further research is needed to confirm these findings and to understand the mechanism by which the active mattress improves endothelial function.


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