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  • What makes Vestims® special?

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    Enhancing Skin Health and Reducing Pressure Injuries

    The skin acts as a critical barrier against infections and injuries, highlighting the essential need for maintaining its health and integrity. In the context of patients with limited mobility or those who are bedridden, the risk of developing pressure injuries, commonly referred to as bedsores, significantly increases. These injuries not only compromise skin integrity but can also lead to severe medical complications.

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    Breakthrough in Pressure Injury Prevention

    Recent advancements in mattress technology have led to the development of Squirrel Medical’s Vestims® Active Mattress, a pioneering solution designed to combat the formation of pressure ulcers effectively. Groundbreaking research, as published on PUB MED, reveals compelling evidence supporting the efficacy of these innovative mattresses.

  • Improved Skin Function


    Over an 8-week period, subjects using the Squirrel Vestim’s® Active Mattress demonstrated a substantial improvement in skin health and function. Notably, these improvements were measured 2-3 hours after participants had left the bed, suggesting significant and lasting physiological enhancements.

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    Endothelial Function +197%

    There was a marked 197% increase, with a statistical significance of p=0.021. Enhanced endothelial function is indicative of better blood vessel health, crucial for maintaining skin integrity and promoting faster healing.


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    Resting Blood Flow +336%

     This parameter saw an impressive increase of 336%, with a statistical significance of p=0.003. Increased blood flow ensures that essential nutrients and oxygen are efficiently delivered to the skin, thereby reinforcing the skin's ability to resist damage and accelerate recovery.

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    Increase in Fat-Free Muscle Mass +520 grams

    An average increase of 520 grams in fat-free muscle mass was noted, which is particularly significant as muscle loss (sarcopenia) in the elderly can lead to frailty, weakness, and an increased risk of falls.


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    Reduced Blood Pressure

    There was a decrease in blood pressure from 120/77 mmHg to 115/75 mmHg. Managing blood pressure is vital for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and enhancing overall health.

  • Published Research

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    Hampshire PCT Trust & Squirrel Medical Mattresses