Improves Sleep

Results from a recent scientific study

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"Obtaining an appropriate amount of good quality sleep is important for overall health. Studies have shown that insufficient sleep can lead to cardiovascular disease, and even long-term bed rest can have a negative impact on health.

The suggested amount of sleep is between 8-9 hours per night.Scientists at the University of Saint Mark in St John in Plymouth conducted a study on the effects of using the Vestims MRS device on sleep quality and long-term health outcomes.

Participants in the study reported their experiences via a qualitative questionnaire, and the results showed significant improvements in various health outcomes when using the Vestims MRS compared to a static mattress or no difference.

Participants reported that the Vestims MRS provided the most deep and restful sleep (80%), the least stiffness and muscle pain (60%), the least tiredness and grogginess (70%), the least times to go to the toilet (60%), the most stable temperature (70%), and the most comfortable (90%).

It is important to note that this study's findings are based on self-reported experiences and they would need more rigorous testing and validation before any conclusions can be drawn. However, the research, which has now been published in a leading peer reviewed journal, also found the resting blood flow, improved, 336% which may go some way to explain the qualitative improvements experienced by the volunteers.