Reduce the Risk of Falls

in Older Adults

· bed falls,sarcopenia,circulation,fat free mass,balance issues


  • Sarcopenia is a condition characterized by the loss of fat-free muscle mass, which commonly affects older adults and can lead to frailty, weakness, balance issues, and increased risk of falls (1)
  • Recent research has shown that active mattresses can be a valuable aid in preventing sarcopenia and its associated complications (2)
  • A study conducted by Baker et al. (2019) (2) found that 8 weeks of the Vestims® active mattress use can improve vascular endothelial function and increase fat-free muscle mass by 520 grams, suggesting that active mattresses could be a useful intervention to help older adults maintain muscle mass and prevent the development of frailty, weakness, and balance issues.
  • Other research has also highlighted the importance of maintaining muscle mass in older adults through interventions such as progressive resistance training and protein supplementation (1,3)
  • Active mattresses and resistance training can be useful in preventing sarcopenia and reducing the risk of falls in older adults.


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