Squirrel Vestims mattress improves muscle mass.

· poor circulation,sarcopenia,Cardiovascular disea,balance issues,Erectile dysfunction

A systematic review by (Rolland et al. 2008) found that progressive resistance training is effective in increasing muscle mass and strength in older adults, leading to improved physical function and reduced risk of falls. Similarly, another study by (Fielding et al. 2011) found that a combination of resistance training and protein supplementation effectively increased muscle mass and strength in older adults, resulting in improved physical function and reduced risk of falls.

Of course resistance training becomes progressively more difficult as we age, and the act of going out for walks on and cold slippery pavements is discouraged during the winter months. This means that muscle turns to fat, and balance issues, weakness, and the risk of falls become more likely.

Scientists have discovered a novel method of improving fat-free mass, and offsetting the complications of sarcopenia, simply by going to sleep on a new type of mattress. The study conducted by Baker et al. 2019, at the University of Saint Marks Plymouth, found that just 8 weeks of use of the vestims mattress can improve
fat-free muscle mass by 520 grams and improve physical function.

The reason that the finding is so encouraging, is that all subject needs to do is go to sleep. The mattress provides a subtle stimulation of the skin and underline tissues throughout the period of bed, rest. This has been shown to enhance blood flow by 336%, and as circulation improves, so does metabolism, the burning of fat and the formation of muscle. The Vestims mattress is available through Squirrel Medical Ltd do you have plans to create double versions for the domestic market.

In summary, Sarcopenia is a condition that commonly affects older adults and can lead to frailty, weakness, balance issues, and increased risk of falls. Vestims active mattress has been shown to be a valuable aid in preventing sarcopenia by increasing fat-free muscle mass in older adults, thus improving physical
function and reducing the risk of falls. Studies by Baker et al. (2019), Rolland et al. (2008), and Fielding et al. (2011) have all highlighted the importance of maintaining muscle mass in older adults and the potential
benefits of interventions such as active mattresses and progressive resistance training in preventing sarcopenia and reducing the risk of falls.

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