Warm, cold feet

Scientific study shows that

squirrel mattress improves

skin temperature at the feet.

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Humans suffer from age-related endothelial dysfunction which means that our ability to distribute blood becomes progressively more difficult as we get older. This is particularly the case with the extremities, which often results in cold feet. In a scientific study, participants who were all healthy, experienced a 197% increase in endothelial function, which is the ability to distribute blood flow effectively, as a result of sleeping on a Vestims MRS mattress. The improvement in endothelial function facilitated a 336% increase in blood flow , causing a significant 3.5° c improvement in temperature at their feet . It is important to note that skin temperature throughout the wider body area remained stable.

One female participant reported that she used to suffer from cold feet, and that her feet warmed significantly during Vestims mattress use.

A second female participant reported that duen to menopause she would to throw off her blankets during a hot flash to cool down, and that she had experienced a significant improvement in body temperature during Vestims mattress use.

The purpose of sharing this information is to enable clinicians to make an informed decision prior to prescribing Vestims mattresses to aid, treat or alleviate a specific condition.